Just like us, when celebrities watch or are a part of something historical, they want to tweet about it. Which beats yet another missive about concert dates or a regretful shot of a naked body part.

Anyway, Monday's Presidential Inauguration was nothing shy of a major event for our country -- Barack Obama, our nation’s first African-American president, was sworn in on Martin Luther King Jr. Day using MLK’s own bible, after which he gave an inspiring speech inclusive of many still-downtrodden groups and told us we have work to do to ensure freedom for all Americans.

Oh, and Michelle Obama has a new haircut!

Some celebs felt the solemnity and inspiration of a historical event. Some had hope for what four more years of an Obama presidency could do for our nation. Some made references to inaugural style choices, both past and present. And of course some had commentary about the FLOTUS’ new look.

Here are some of the celebrity tweets we found about today’s inaugural ceremonies.

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