Good news everyone, it's Friday the 13th! Also Yom Kippur. Or we suppose that's technically bad news if you're the superstitious type and/or you're Jewish and have zero interest in fasting for your sins. For everyone else it's just an excuse to get 'Friday' stuck in your head. And, you know, drink.

LeAnn Rimes got a shot in her behind of the doctor variety.

Today Bruno Mars learned a valuable lesson.

Jason Biggs took a potshot at the entire Lohan family for recent antics.

Vote in our sister site's poll in which Lady Gaga takes on RiRi. Because Rihanna wants you to.

Patrick Stewart and sassy Ian McKellen hung out with Elmo.

Aubrey Plaza seems concerned about her family member.

William Shatner hopes everyone has a good fast. Gmar hatima tova!

We assume that includes Henry Winkler.

Mara Wilson is combining 'Mean Girl' quotes with jokes about Putin.

Did you see what B.J. Novak did there?

Patton Oswalt really needs to make this hypothetical Morrissey pilot happen.

And Eliza Dushku rode Amtrak and the train was chock full of celebs.

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