Denise Richards is still taking care of Brooke Mueller's children with Charlie Sheen while she parties rehabs with Lindsay Lohan at the Betty Ford clinic.

Now Mueller's hatching a plan to get the twins back -- and the hefty child support check that comes with them.

TMZ reports that Brooke's failed attempts to transfer custody of 4-year-old Max and Bob to her brother are, according to Charlie's legal team, just a ploy to keep the gargantuan child support checks flowing.

Denise, the patron saint of ex-wives, has custody right now, and also took care of the kids when Mueller went to rehab last year. (It's almost a routine at this point.) But Mueller wants custody transferred to her brother until she's clean and sober.

Charlie believes that Brooke is less concerned with what's best for the kids and more concerned with the $55,000 child support checks she gets every month, and a source claims Denise has texts from Brooke saying as much.

Brooke plans on flipping the tables and claiming Denise is the one out for gold -- but since she's yet to ask for any extra money in exchange for caring for Bob and Max, those claims are ringing rather hollow.

On a side note, Brooke Mueller creating 'I Love Lucy'-esque plots to make money while inside rehab would make a great comedy. Maybe (probably) even better than 'Two and a Half Men.'

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