Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are "on a break," and that almost never bodes well. Especially when one half of the couple is on their break across the planet.

PEOPLE reports that Hemsworth relaxed with pals in his homeland of Australia this week while Cyrus stayed behind without wearing her engagement ring.

A source told the mag that Hemsworth left so the couple "could have a break. It doesn't mean that they have split. Miley says they are still together."

Ho-kay. What's more, the source noted that Hemsworth's trip Down Under had been planned for a while ... but no return date has been set. You'd think that if a couple were having such severe issues that needed to be worked out, they'd hightail it to get to one another fast.

Especially when you consider that their schedules are part of why they're having problems.

“They have their fights, but they are not ending their engagement," a source insisted. "The fighting mostly involves his work schedule and the fact that she doesn’t really do much. But now that she is recording more, they are just having arguments over the amount of time they spend with each other.”

The source added that Cyrus ditched her bling specifically to get the very media attention she claims to loathe.

“She knew that it was going to cause a scene, as much as she says she hates all the talk, she actually loves it because it will get Liam to see these pictures and have him see her more. She is playing games against the media and Liam.”

All of this, combined with their ages (they're young, dude) and January Jones' nondenial of Hemsworth's cheating allegations, suggests that Cyrus and Hemsworth's days as an item may be numbered.

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