Anne Hathaway is off the market -- the erstwhile Catwoman married actor and jewelry designer Adam Shulman in Big Sur on the California coast on Saturday, Sept. 29.

For the wedding, which reportedly took place in a field next to a barn, 'The Dark Knight Rises' actress ditched her skintight suit for a custom Valentino gown featuring an off-the-shoulder neckline and a lengthy train.

All of that was lovely but almost ruined by the unflattering, super-short hair cut she got for her part in the upcoming film version of 'Les Miserables.' Yeah, yeah, we know. She suffered for her art, making herself less attractive in order to fully immerse into the role, which is something that the Academy Awards voters love (cough, Charlize Theron, cough, Nicole Kidman, cough).

But we will give her props for not going the faux route by wearing extensions or a wig to hide the current state of her hair. Hathaway didn't wear any jewelry either, which apparently means tying the knot with a jewelry designer doesn't come with quite the perks you might think.

The actress did, however, wear a 1920s-inspired headband attached to her simple veil, which, from certain angles, unfortunately made her look like she'd suffered some sort of recent head trauma.

Anyway, the ceremony was as low-key as the bride's attire -- the guest list was comprised of just friends and family with no A-listers in attendance. And as for the reception, it was an all-vegan menu, Natalie Portman-style.

Speaking of Portman, she had her recent wedding in Big Sur, too. Which means either Anne is a very stealthy stalker, or the coastal town is the hot new locale for celebrity nuptials. (Please let it be the former.)

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