Anne Hathaway has a really tough life. When she isn't getting caught going commando, she's ripping dresses and accidentally pissing off her fans. On the bright side, she still knows how good she has it, so we can't help but like her in spite of ourselves. Damn you, Anne.

In an interview on 'The Tonight Show,' Hathaway revealed that a wardrobe malfunction made her late for the BAFTAs, which made her fans who'd been waiting for her in freezing rain pretty annoyed.

She lamented to Jay Leno, "I was getting ready for the BAFTAs and I was wearing this beautiful dress. It was such a fairy tale moment -- this dress had been custom-made for me, designed with me in mind. It was wonderful ... and the zipper broke while they were putting it on me."

Okay, do you know how small a dress needs to be for Anne Hathaway to rip it? Did they buy this thing at Baby Gap?

Hathaway's stylist was, appropriately enough, mortified by the situation and fled the scene. "I don't know where she went," the starlet laughed. "She just ran away. We all stayed very calm and I said,'Listen, no worries. We have a backup dress. Let's see if we can't sew me into it?'"

"My hair guy -- out of nowhere! -- pulls up these amazing tailor skills and he sews me into the dress," she gushed. "I look at it, and he's done as good a job as anyone could, but I look like a turkey that has been sewn together. It's just not good. Everyone was like, 'It looks great! You can do it! Totally! It works! Yay! We did it!'"

Hathaway used her trusty Scorpio intuition to ask her longtime publicist when she wasn't totally convinced, and she went with his opinion.

"He gave it like a really intense 15-second stare and said, 'It's not going to work,'" she revealed, "so we cut me out of the dress, put on the one that I wound up wearing, and that was that."

"How irritating am I?" she asked, demonstrating a self-awareness most stars lack. "Most women don't even have one great dress. I have two."

Still, her fans were more upset than her stylist at the mess up, because they suffered for naught. "I was so late that I had to run straight to the end of the red carpet and miss all of the interviews. The worst part was I missed the fans," the 'Les Miserables' star said.

"They were out in the cold, and the rain, and the sleet and everything, I had the flu and they booed me. So I'm just running down the carpet, getting booed, and I'm just trying to be like, 'I'm so sorry! I'm so late!'"

To be fair, the booing may have had to do with her acceptance speech being long and droning, but we'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

On the bright side, she won Best Supporting Actress and got to hug George Clooney. It seems like a pretty fair exchange to us.

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