After Amy Winehouse's body was exhumed and an inquest was made into the cause of her death (again), it's finally been confirmed (again) that the 27-year-old singer actually did die of acute alcohol poisoning.

Reports that the first autopsy might have been wrong surfaced last month when it came to light that the original coroner wasn't exactly qualified to determine the cause of death of much of anything, so a second autopsy was ordered. This one, performed by someone with actual training, confirmed that Winehouse "died as a result of alcohol toxicity.”

The cause of death was officially listed as “death by misadventure” -- which, although that's the refined British way of saying someone's fun caused their demise, weirdly makes it sound like she suffered some tragic mishap during a prank involving a doorstep and a flaming bag of poo.

Anyway, coroner Shirley Radcliffe says Winehouse had five times the legal limit of alcohol in her body, something that obviously proved fatal. With that much booze in the body, a person's nervous system is so suppressed that he or she is likely to "fall asleep and not wake up." And that's what tragically happened to Amy.

Let that be a lesson next time you get your drink on, kids.

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