When Amy Winehouse died in July of 2011 at the tender age of 27, few people were surprised when the autopsy revealed acute alcohol poisoning was responsible for her early demise. She partied hard, had her issues with various substances and just seemed like the kind of celeb to burn out rather than fade away.

So it's a bit of a shock to find out that that the cause of her death may have been misidentified by an unqualified coroner.

According to TMZ, officials in London have announced that they will launch a new investigation into Winehouse’s death next month because the coroner who oversaw the singer’s autopsy wasn't actually, you know, qualified for the gig.

The managing coroner at the time was Assistant Deputy Suzanne Greenaway, who'd been appointed to the job a couple of years earlier by none other than her husband -- which doesn’t seem sketchy at all. And it turns out that this generous husband may have awarded his wife the post solely to avoid sleeping on the couch, because she certainly didn’t have the five years of experience with the London Law Society required for someone to serve as a coroner.

And, quelle surprise, after all this came to light, the husband in question resigned from his own coroner position.

After Amy died, her family maintained that she'd stopped drinking and that doing so too quickly may have hastened her demise. When the autopsy report revealed the singer actually had a staggering amount of alcohol in her system at the time of her death, the family expressed surprise and sadness but accepted the findings.

That said, they aren't involved in any push for new investigation. And nobody knows yet if Winehouse’s body will be exhumed to complete the new inquest.

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