No one knows the name of Adele's baby. Hardly anyone has seen Adele's baby. And now rumor has it baby daddy Simon Konecki may not be seeing much of him either.


Supposedly the couple are fighting because Adele has been in Los Angeles for awards season -- and deservedly so, despite whatever Taylor Swift may think -- and she's taken the tot with her.

Konecki has stayed behind in the U.K. working with his charity, which apparently made Adele mad.

A source told Star (via, "Simon heads a clean water project charity called Drop4Drop, which he runs out of an office near West Sussex. He's been saying he's too busy with the charity to stay with Adele and their baby in L.A., but really a colleague could handle things just fine."

So basically an outsider is speculating on Konecki's business, as well as his business with Adele. Okay.

"You'd think being there with Adele and their child, to support his love at this crucial time, would be a no-brainer," the source said. "She loves him dearly, but at the moment, Adele almost feels like a single mum."

The source added, "[Adele] can be worrisome and insecure to begin with ... the distance between her and Simon, and his seeming reluctance to join her and their son in the States, has really put her on edge. It's almost as if he just can't be bothered."

Or it's almost as if he has a job and doesn't want to freeload off of his famous girlfriend. Imagine that.

While we heart Adele and hope this isn't true, if nothing else, if it would inspire another awesome record and maybe some more Swifty stinkface, we'd co-sign.

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