Adele has a slew of trophies, a kid, millions of dollars ... and no driver's license.

She wants to change that last part.

A source explained to The Sun that the 'Skyfall' songstress has been too busy doing things like selling enough records to circle the planet, going on tour and having a life to get to the U.K. equivalent of the DMV.

“She’s never taken a test because of her busy schedule over the past few years," the source revealed. Adele got used to being carted around in limos because, well, she's Adele, and that's what happens when you're the best singer on the planet.

“Now she’s back in the country she wants to use her downtime to finally pass her test. She may have various awards to her name but all she wants is her driving test certificate."

As for what whips she'll ride in, don't expect anything too flashy from the privacy-loving starlet.

“There will be no sports cars though – she is eyeing up a more family-friendly car so she can carry the whole clan.”

An Oscars, Grammys and a sedan. That sounds about right ... as long as she pimps it out accordingly.

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