Adam Lambert is planning his next album (the first since 2012's 'Trespassing'), and if his label has anything to do with it, you shouldn't expect to hear much original material -- because the higher-ups at RCA would like him to do a full record of '80s covers. Maybe because he's so damn good at them.

"Adam, dude, if you wanted to do new stuff you probably shouldn't sing Tears for Fears songs so well," we like to imagine them saying.

While a rep for Lambert reports "nothing has been determined yet," insiders insist a decade-specific cover album is one of the ideas currently being tossed around.

As for the Glam one himself, he's stayed pretty tight-lipped, saying only, "Rumors are funny little things, aren't they?" and cementing 'Shout' as the song of the decade while recently admitting "Tears for Fears are pretty amazing." (As is his cover of 'Mad World.') (No, really, if you haven't seen that, go.)

RCA Records has no comment about the whole thing -- but if Lambert's hour long cover-filled performance for AT&T's Live Proud/the Trevor Project was any indication, his fans are happy when Adam sings just about anything.

Note: If this '80s album happens and 'Jessie's Girl' isn't on it, we will riot.

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