While touring in Moscow, belter Adam Lambert covered the seminal '80s Tears for Fears song 'Shout,' not to be confused with the Isley Brothers' song of the same name, which is played at every wedding ever. Although it would be fun to watch Adam Lambert cover that. Or pretty much anything else, for that matter.

Get on that, dude.

The glam one performed the cover (a relatively new addition to his set) during his March 13 show in Russia, although it just surfaced online.

Even with a pair of buxom singers in matching Greek goddess animal-print outfits and a bass player rocking garter/suspender leggings and a Skrillex hair cut, Adam still commands the lion's share of attention -- which speaks volumes about his star power.

'Shout' isn't the first Tears for Fears song Lambert has covered -- his stellar version of 'Mad World' has become one his signature pieces.

Check out the video above to see Lambert turn 'Shout,' the melodramatic new age power ballad, into a diva-tastic rendition worthy of his regular rotation, all while wearing wedges and an outfit found only in post-apocalyptic fashion houses.

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