Johnny Depp

Tom Cruise vs. Johnny Depp – Swoon-Off
When it comes to Hollywood royalty, no one commands attention on the silver screen quite like Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp. With decades of successful films under their belts, these leading men have proved time and time again they are more than just handsome faces with perfectly chiseled jawlines...
Kesha + Johnny Depp Had Consensual ‘Eyeball Sex’
Glitter-encrusted singer Kesha is no stranger to saying and doing things that make people roll their eyes -- from drinking her own urine to performing fellatio on pastries, wearing undergarments made out of teeth and having sex with ghosts -- but this is probably the first time her eyes rolled aroun…
Johnny Depp in Drag
Johnny Depp played cross-dressing director Edward D. Wood Jr. in the eponymous Tim Burton film 'Ed Wood,' about the man dubbed the world's worst director who also had a penchant for pink cashmere sweaters.
Dumb Celebrity Quotes – Johnny Depp
When life gives Johnny Depp lemons, he turns to cannibalism. Then he willingly sits in jail for the next 500 years because apparently he's immortal. But plenty of women would volunteer to be his meal regardless.
Nashville Gets Its Newest Superstar Resident: Johnny Depp
This holiday season truly brings joyous tidings: We've officially won Johnny Depp back from France, and now even ladies who don’t live on the West Coast can stalk him with ease.
That’s because the actor-turned-musician has put down roots in Music City USA -- otherwise known as Nashville, Tenn. -- dr…
Wax Figure Fails: Johnny Depp
We're pretty sure we saw this guy guiding people on vision quests at Burning Man last year, but yeah, we guess it's easy to confuse him with Johnny Depp from 'Pirates of the Caribbean.'
Johnny Depp – Pen Salesman
Before his days as Capt. Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp used to cold-call people and try to convince them to buy customized ballpoint pens, telling them that if they bought enough, they'd get a grandfather clock.

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