Last week, shortly after she cried foul on Twitter for young Amanda Bynes not ending up in the clink, our favorite scofflaw Lindsay Lohan got in a little trouble of her own when she was arrested for hitting a pedestrian with her car in New York.

Now she wants to sue the guy she hit. Because the one role she's never played is "plaintiff."

Chef Jose Rodriguez not only claimed that LiLo struck him with her Porsche last week, but also that she reeked of booze and her speech was slurred. A surveillance video seems to back up Rodriguez’ claim of being struck, but also shows he may have exaggerated his injuries.

Does that mean he also embellished the details?

LiLo says yes. She's adamant she hadn't been drinking -- and, surprisingly, the police agree with her -- and now fears all those acting gigs she doesn't have will dry up if people think she's fallen off the wagon. So she says she intends to sue Rodriguez for defamation, telling TMZ, “I’m tired of people lying just to score a quick paycheck.”

SRSLY. He should earn his money the old-fashioned way -- like maybe with a Playboy spread or something.