The iconic blue gingham dress worn by Judy Garland in 'The Wizard of Oz' certainly isn't in Kansas anymore, having been purchased for $480,000 at auction this weekend -- and it wasn't the only item snapped up by entertainment memorabilia collectors with obscene amounts of cash to spare.

The faded pinafore fetched the highest price of all the items sold at the 'Icons & Idols' auction in Beverly Hills, with bids coming in from around the globe.

A few pairs of the film's famous ruby slippers have sold at various auctions for millions, with the most recent pair purchased by Leonardo DiCaprio and Steven Spielberg (among others) for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Other items in this weekend's auction included Steve McQueen's racing jacket ($50,000), Marilyn Monroe's purple skirt from 'River of No Return' ($50,000) and one of Julie Andrews' many dresses from the 'Sound of Music' ($38,400).

Jean Reno's sunglasses in 'Leon' were snapped up for $8,320, while Johnny Depp's pair from 'Dark Shadows' went for $3,250.

Bidders also purchased pieces of royal wedding cakes -- Prince William and Kate Middleton's cake fetched $7,500, and Prince Charles and Princess Diana's cake went for $1,375.

Uh. Yum?

Steve McQueen's suit (via Julien's Auctions)
Steve McQueen's suit (via Julien's Auctions)
Julie Andrews' dresses (via Julien's Auctions)
Kate Middleton + Prince William's cake (via Julien's Auctions)