Chances are if you were growing up in the '90s, one of your favorite shows was 'Full House,' a series about a wholesome but quirky suburban family and their hilarious hijinks. But what happened to the cast when the show ended?

THEN: Bob Saget played Danny Tanner, America's favorite dad and a widower trying to raise three daughters with the help of his two best friends. The role also landed him a hosting gig on 'America's Funniest Home Videos,' another 90s staple.

NOW: Saget returned to his stand-up comedy beginnings before heading back to TV with 'Surviving Suburbia' and a three-episode stint on 'Entourage,' in which he showed American audiences a much darker side of himself.

Bob Saget
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THEN: Dave Coulier played wise-cracking goofball Uncle Joey, using his prior stand-up comedy experience and vast array of silly impressions to make Uncle Joey a quotable character.

NOW: Coulier never got back into sitcoms, though he did star on two seasons of VH1's 'The Surreal Life' and skated with Nancy Kerrigan on 'Skating with the Stars.' In 2011, Coulier teamed up with his 'Full House' co-star Jodie Sweetin for a web series called 'Can't Get Arrested.'

Dave Coulier
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THEN: John Stamos played dreamy Uncle Jesse, a musician and slacker obsessed with Elvis Presley and in love with Becky.

NOW: Stamos continues to act, notably appearing on 'ER' and 'Glee.' He's starred in some TV movies and acted on Broadway, and he married and later divorced beautiful former model Rebecca Romijn.

John Stamos
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THEN: Candace Cameron played eldest daughter DJ Tanner, and as the oldest one, she often got in the most trouble thanks to those pesky teenage years.

NOW: Candace Cameron Bure married hockey star Valeri Bure and starred in several TV movies -- mostly Lifetime stuff -- including 'She Cried No.' She took a break from acting in 1998 after having her first child, but returned in 2009 for a stint on 'That's So Raven,' and later hosted 'Make It or Break It.' More recently, she wrote an inspirational Christian book.

Candace Cameron Bure
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THEN: Jodie Sweetin played middle child Stephanie Tanner, the one who always seems to get the short end of the stick but gets by with her spunky personality.

NOW: Sweetin attended and completed high school and college, but as she notes in her memoir 'unSweetined,' she fell into heavy drug use after the show ended. Nowadays, Sweetin is doing great -- in 2006 she hosted the Fuse series 'Pants-Off-Dance-Off,' and in 2011 she teamed with Dave Coulier for a web series called 'Can't Get Arrested.'

Jodie Sweetin
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THEN: Olsen twins Mary Kate and Ashley played Michelle Tanner for all eight seasons of 'Full House,' taking turns playing the role so that the production could adhere to strict child actor guidelines. Michelle was easily everyone's favorite character, with catchphrases like "You got it dude!"

NOW: The girls built an empire -- they had their own line of videos, starred in several movies together, and went on to sell clothing and cosmetics branded with their names. These days the twins don't act as much (though Mary Kate did have a brief stint on the Showtime series 'Weeds'), instead becoming serious, award-winning players in the fashion industry.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
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THEN: Lori Loughlin was perhaps the most seasoned actress to join the show, having starred in several television shows and movies before taking the role of Becky, love interest to Uncle Jesse and the only adult female in the Tanner household.

NOW: Loughlin continued to act, starring in short-lived TV series like 'Summerland' and 'In Case of Emergency.' She didn't find more enduring success again until the '90210' reboot on the CW in 2011.

Lori Loughlin
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THEN: Andrea Barber played the trouble-making BFF of DJ and next door neighbor Kimmy Gibbler, whose ditziness was as trademark to her character as her funky style.

NOW: Barber moved on from 'Full House' and quit acting, eventually going to school and earning a few degrees before starting a family with her husband. She now works in the teaching department for a California college.

Andrea Barber
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THEN: Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit played Nicky and Alex Katsopolis, twin sons of Uncle Jesse and Becky. As if the show wasn't cute enough with one set of twins around.

NOW: Blake and Dylan left acting when 'Full House' ended, but both are pretty active on Twitter. Now 22, neither brother has any current plans to return to acting.

Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit
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THEN: Scott Weinger played DJ's first boyfriend, the jock-ish, dreamboat-ish Steve Hale, who took DJ to prom, and after dating for a couple of seasons, the pair decided to just be friends.

NOW: Weinger went on to voice the character of Aladdin in the Disney animated TV series, and had guest spots on shows like 'Scrubs.' In 2011, Weinger became a writer and co-producer on the rebooted version of '90210' for the CW.

Scott Weinger
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