Rebel Wilson

Hosts with the Mosts
The MTV Movie Awards are this Sunday -- are you guys stoked? We know we are, and we're really excited for Rebel Wilson, who'll be hosting with a special appearance from that sexy Channing Tatum. Let's get in the mood for the awards with the best Rebel and Channing GIFs!
That's Hot
Comedienne Rebel Wilson, who appears in the upcoming Michael Bay film 'Pain & Gain,' recently did her very first on-camera sex scene. And when it just wasn't sexy enough, Wilson brought in her own props to spice things up. Including a pair of nunchucks.
Rebel With a Cause
It’s been a while since there’s been a reason to be excited about the MTV Movie Awards -- really, how many movie award shows are we expected to sit through with enthusiasm -- but it looks like 2013 is the year that all changes.
In a very clever move indeed, producers have tapped the clearly unconven…