Melissa McCarthy

Is He Still Talking?
Critic Rex Reed is once again talking about Melissa McCarthy, but he's still not offering an apology for disparaging her weight and comparing her to a tractor in his film review of 'Identity Thief.'
Last week, McCarthy finally took time out of her schedule to address the comments, elegantly saying sh…
Take That
Back in February, movie critic Rex Reed saw the movie 'Identity Thief,' and instead of judging it based on its content, decided to hone in on one of the film's stars, Melissa McCarthy, and attack her weight. Because he's classy like that.
In his piece he referred to the 'Bridesmaids' actress as "…
Mama Said Throw You Out
Melissa McCarthy may let obnoxious and ignorant comments about her weight roll off her back, but she's not so willing to turn the other cheek when she sees a child being mistreated.
Tyrant-osaurus Rex Responds
Rex Reed is coming out swinging against the backlash he faced after making unnecessary, pointless remarks about Melissa McCarthy's weight in his scathing review of 'Identity Thief.'
And he's missing the point. Surprise!
Putting the Ass in Classless
Movie critic Rex Reed had some issues with the film 'Identity Thief,' which stars Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman. Instead of addressing the film's failures on an artistic level, however, Reed did the truly professional thing and attacked McCarthy for her weight.
Hey, Rex Reed? Go g…