Having recently been – rather unnecessarily – lambasted by a critic-whose-name-shall-not-be-mentioned for being overweight, Melissa McCarthy did what any awesome celebrity who’s very honey badger about the situation would do: She went on Sesame Street and showed off her sweet dance moves.

And that girl can move.

McCarthy and Elmo were teaching viewers the word "choreographer," so of course their mutual love of dance was mentioned. The ‘Mike and Molly’ star then demonstrated which parts of her body she likes to shake, stopping just short of shaking her actual groove thang. Then she wishes out loud for a choreographer to teach them their very own dance.

Of course Elmo has some mad connections, so he dashes off to find one. And in the meantime, the woman whose gastric distress from ‘Bridesmaids’ is forever emblazoned upon our collective memory shows off her own dance moves with some free-form tap, jazz and ballet. She seems graceful enough, until Elmo returns with the “choreographer."

McCarthy whispers, “Elmo, that’s a penguin.” To which Elmo replies, unfazed, “A penguin who loves to make up dance moves.”

And then the real fun begins. The penguin choreographer teaches them a new dance called the Flap-A-Waddle-Boom-Boom. And it’s everything you could hope for. Melissa gets into it and it beats the Harlem Shake any day.

Really, her “jazz flippers” at the end pretty much sell it. We see a season of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ in McCarthy’s future. Or at least a satirical movie spoofing the show.