Because people can't let the Queen Bey be, Beyonce's legendary Super Bowl performance is being put under a microscope. And because it would be a dream come true for men, women and haters (Beytheists) alike, there's even speculation about a Beyonce nip slip.

Our verdict? In your thirstiest dreams.

In everyone's dreams.

A Photoshopped screenshot has been circulating that would indicate not only a Beyonce nip slip, but also that the Super Dome was pretty cold.

However, actual video footage shows what looks to us like a petal-shaped pasties to cover her actual nipples up and prevent any Janet Jackson-style wardrobe malfunctions should her black leather onesie have strayed while she shook her bootyliciousness all over the stage.

You can get a clearer image of the alleged Beyonce nip slip in the GIF below. It's well established that Beyonce is so fierce and flawless that she may not be from this planet, and that would be the only plausible explanation for why her nipples apparently have flower-shaped black outlines.