Our long national nightmare is over. Now that she's no longer preggers, Snooki is again free to while away the hours in a tanning bed, baking herself to the color of a braised turkey.

When the 'Jersey Shore' star found out she was knocked up last year, she not only stopped having drunken bar fights, she gave up her first love: tanning. The sacrifice was a mighty one, and as you can see by the before-and-after shots above, it left her skin a shade that was almost -- gasp! -- human in nature.

But after becoming a mom (man, that's still hard to type) to son Lorenzo on Aug. 26, Snooki was eager to get back to her old GTL routine -- mainly the T part.

On Friday, she told her 5.6 million Twitter followers, "Omg just went tanning since like a year ago."

Which means it's only a matter of time until she surrounds herself with potatoes and carrots and regrows that pop-up timer in her back.