Everyone's favorite guidette, Snooki, got more than she bargained for when issuing a simple tweet proclaiming her love for a Rihanna song: The new mom got herself a very famous babysitter.

'We Found Love,' which describes "finding love in a hopeless place," is the Snook's anthem -- the former barfly probably knows a thing or two about the subject matter -- and she posted a tweet proclaiming her love for the single and name-checking RiRi in the process.

The Barbadian singer quickly replied, offering her babysitting services for Snooki's newbown spawn and tanorexic-in-training Lorenzo.

To which the Snookster replied, "lamo, you can babysit anytime auntie."

We were already questioning the bronzed-and-bouffanted reality drama queen's parenting skills, and how could we not? We've seen her beer-drenched, pasta-eating, platform-shoe-falling antics for several seasons on the sociological experiment known as 'Jersey Shore.'

But the fact that she might let Rihanna babysit is as questionable as it gets. Rih's a fine entertainer, but changing diapers? Feeding an infant strained carrots? And what if she brings Chris Brown over to keep her company?

Poor judgment, Snooks. Although we're well-aware that a cute exchange of tweets between two celebs doesn't necessarily constitute any sort of contract, this whole thing might warrant a call to Child Protective Services.