In Rihanna's mind (and on top of her head), grey is the new black. The singer has taken a pause from posting topless shots on her Instagram feed to instead share shots of her new dye job: a thoroughly granny shade of grey.

The pop tart seems happy with her follicles being a hue normally reserved for seniors, posting captions like "New color ice grey ish, call it #Brrr" and "Grey is the new black! Blondies, it's quiet for y'all! #brrr."

So does that mean "Brr" is the new black, too? We can't keep up.

Most women hit the dye bottle (or their colorist's chair) to cover any hint or semblance of grey. But since RiRi is in her 20s, she can pull this off and then go back to black or blonde or red or whatever the hell she pleases.

Members of the singer's beloved Navy shouldn't rush to emulate this look, though. Knowing Rih, she'll be another shade or hue in less than 24 hours -- so slow your roll, copycats. Grey may be fun for a day, but unless you have professionals on call to undo it, you may be stuck with it for a lot longer.

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