Rihanna gets joy out of not others' pain, but her own.

Case in point? The 'Diamonds' singer reportedly loves the feeling of having hair and skin ripped off of her naughty bits: she loves getting Brazilian bikini waxes, and not just for the results (which she proudly displays on Instagram every chance she gets). She actually likes the act of getting it done.

Zap2It reports that RiRi literally sang her way through a Brazilian wax in Toronto.

When she was offered numbing cream to make the experience a little less brutal, Rihanna told the waxer, "No way, I love the pain. It feels good to me." (If this is surprising, keep in mind that not only can she not seem to quit Chris Brown, she had a hit song called 'S&M' a little while back.)

What's more? The walls of the waxing salon were pretty thin, so everyone heard just how much she was enjoying herself.

"She was singing and humming songs all through the treatment," a source giggled. "None of us could stop laughing."