After Heidi's warning to the designers to step up their game in the first part of the 'Project Runway' finale last week, will they be able to follow through in the 48 hours leading up to Fashion Week? Let's find out.

The designers head back to the Yotel Hotel, which is like a hotel but with more YO. (Like 'MTV Raps' or Yoplait or ... actually I don't even get this, but feel free to figure it out for me.) They all toast each other with cups of coffee like a victorious sewing circle after pulling an all-nighter, and in the morning it's back to work at Parson's to re-work their designs a bit to please the judges.

Dmitry needs to make his stuff a little younger and sexier, which in his mind means making a black top. Speaking of black, Melissa needs to fix her dark collection to include more "wow" pieces, which in her mind means a piece with more color and a dress. Colors and dresses -- wow! I'm wowed. Are you wowed? Tim is wowed by how little time they all have and pops in to announce a bonus trip to Mood with an additional $300.

And then comes the L'Oreal Ever Style infomercial also known as the hair consultation, in which all the designers happily change the styling of their models to suit the judges' demands. Dmitry's model gets some tin foil stuck to the back of her head by the stylist, who finds this edgy, but it just reminds me of someone who fell asleep on top of their foil swan of leftovers. Very Liz Lemon.

Christopher is the only one who isn't pleased, and as usual is very unsure of his own choices.

There's a lot of clothing renovation going on in the work room as the designers mix and match their pieces to find the best looks and Fabio tries to make his Burning Man meets Summer's Eve collection look more "expensive." Everyone is worried about Chris because he's making more pieces when he should be focusing on what he has -- which is a lot already.

Next up is the L'Oreal make-up infomercial, also known as the make-up consultation. Chris seems more sure of the make-up than he was of the hair, and Fabio wishes he could just wear the make-up himself.

Tim stops by for one final Papa Bear check-in with everyone, and seems quite taken with Melissa's blood orange leather fabric, while Christopher thinks calling it "blood orange" is pretentious. Chris, have you seen you? Please, don't even come at Melissa with the pretentious card when you've got that flannel shirt unbuttoned to reveal your hairless chest. Give it up, buddy.

At the end of they day, not even a bottle of champers can get the designers to stop working -- as expected, Melissa is still sewing when time's up, but Chris has surprisingly joined her in being unable to put down his work when Tim tells them time is up.

Chris also seems more worried than before, leading me to believe someone should probably force-feed him some Xanax like the way you force antibiotics on a cat. Just wrap him in a towel and hold his mouth open and force it in, you guys. He might claw you, but it'll be worth it when he chills the hell out.

The Runway

Christopher: His collection looks incredibly different than what we've seen before and what he showed the judges. Most memorable are the opening piece -- a dark brownish-red sheer top over a layered skirt with different black materials -- and his gown, which features his signature shearing effect in different colors. Unfortunately, the model wearing that gown is having a very hard time walking up and down the runway.

The fabrics that he used with the X-rays from his mom's car accident aren't as prominent or interesting as they were before -- notably absent is the skirt he showed the judges and the leather bustier. In fact, I can't even tell if he used the bleached leather pieces or nixed them altogether; if so, that detail is lost on the runway. I'm mostly enamored more by the mix of colors than with the actual pieces themselves -- the purplish and reddish browns and blacks with hints of cream look beautiful, but the pieces aren't outstanding, and the jackets are a snooze.

Melissa: Is there anything more adorable than Tim holding onto Melissa backstage and praising her models? Melissa's collection is like a hipster inspired by Beetlejuice -- in a really, really good way, though. It's sleek, structured, and there isn't a piece that doesn't seem wearable. Everything about her collection says high fashion in a way that feels tangible to real women, even the high, wraparound collars of which she's so fond. It's a lot of black and white, sure, but the pops of color are welcome and surprising. The biggest flaw is a white gown with a neat black strappy detail in the back, and just as with Chris' gown, this model doesn't seem to be able to walk in the dress either.

Dmitry: His models all have make-up on that makes them look like night-clubbing cave women (get it, clubbing? Oh god, why). There are some very tacky MC Hammer pants happening with an unfortunate fringed jacket that makes me wonder if Dmitry's idea of young and sexy is high fashion from the late '80s. The details are what stand out in a collection filled with glittery and metallic fabrics, but I'm really floored by his evening gown featuring sparkling fringe and a dramatic drop-waist. Otherwise, the cream-colored pieces with architectural detail aren't that interesting, and I still think Dmitry works best with dresses.

Fabio: Our resident earth mother has arrived with his "Cosmic Tribalism" collection. Get your sage sticks ready to burn, ladies. It's like a hippie sleepover up in here. Let's calm ourselves with patchouli and talk about our dreams. In all seriousness, there's some lovely draping with the creamy, flowing fabrics, but that hideous tie-dye effect is giving me 'Nam flashbacks to third grade. I just don't think I "get" what he's going for with a lot of these pieces, but he did manage to make his collection look a little more polished with the addition of silks, save for that last piece that looks like my mom's old robe that I used to tie around myself like an expensive gown when I wanted to pretend I was a movie star.

The clear winner, in my mind, should be Melissa, with Chris and Dmitry tied for second. Fabio has some big ideas, but I'm not sure the ambition matches the execution. But what do the judges think? More importantly, what does everyone think of Mondo's new mustache?

The Judging

The judges start with Dmitry, praising him for his expensive-looking collection, but we disagree when it comes to that fringed jacket and harem pant combo. Please, you guys, I think you've been staring at clothes for too long because there is no way this is attractive to anyone with common sense.

Onto Melissa -- the praise keeps coming in, and Michael Kors gets what I was saying about the relatability of her looks. He also agrees that there's a big problem with that gown the model couldn't walk in. Mostly they love her tough, cool clothes, and as Nina says, "they're sexy without being slutty."

Michael loves Chris' first look -- as do I! -- and surprisingly, there are few complaints, other than maybe that his gown didn't belong in the collection. We get some close-up shots of the leather pieces and yes, the bleached detail is present, which is great because it's such an awesome little effect.

And finally we have Fabio, whose collection Heidi is completely smitten with and keeps using words like "ethereal," "fluid," and "fresh," which only validates my earlier Summer's Eve sentiments. The judges all seem to agree that Fabio's collection is great, if only for his strong point of view and use of bright colors.

But who will be crowned the winner? The judges seem to love everything, which leads to a lot of nitpicking as they deliberate privately. Melissa's stuff is cool and edgy; Chris' stuff is young and interesting; Dmitry's collection is sophisticated and sleek; Fabio's work is artistic and challenging. All of the designers have qualities that make them strong contenders for the title of winner. So who is it?

Ladies and gents, your season 10 'Project Runway' winner is ... Dmitry! Russian Trent Reznor won, you guys! Now let's let these poor bastards sleep for four days because they must be tired as hell.

We'll see you next week with 'Project Runway All-Stars' -- I hope you're as excited about Joshua's triumphant return as I am.

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