Forget everything you know about Prince for a moment. Forget that he once changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol, forget that we all had to refer to him as “The Artist Formerly Known As” or “The Artist” during that time, and forget that he's basically Jimi Hendrix reincarnated.

Basically, forget all of 'Purple Rain' and how doves sound when they cry -- because Prince has reinvented himself for the 21st century with his new song 'Screwdriver.' Which we're sure has no double entendre meaning at all.

His new band includes a rock n' roll trio of ladies made up of guitarist Donna Grantis, drummer Hannah Ford and bassist Ida Nielsen, who have helped to completely revitalize Prince's sound and make us feel better about calling him Prince again.

But the musical genius hasn't dropped all his old habits -- as Ford reports, Prince still has a penchant for hats. He's also a beast at ping-pong, which is something we didn't already know.

The new group, which has yet to come up with a name beyond "We Are Untitled," feel privileged and honored to work with Prince, with Grantis calling their jam sessions "just totally incredible ... just hearing him play and rehearsing and jamming and performing, it’s so inspiring.”

Prince's ladies have teased that big things are coming in 2013, and if this song is any indication, we're all over it.

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