One of the double-feature 'Parks and Recreation' episodes airing tomorrow (April 18) has a cameo from comedian Patton Oswalt, who was tasked with ad-libbing for a full eight minutes during a scene in which his character uses a citizen filibuster to stall a Pawnee City Council vote.

The producers gave him the note to "ramble a bit about whatever subject he wanted" -- which turned into a rant about the upcoming 'Star Wars' movie.

In an eight-minute span, Oswalt manages to create a Disney corporation wet dream in which the new 'Star Wars' cast meets the old one, with the high-quality Avengers and the entire pantheon of Greek gods thrown in for good measure. Which is entirely possible considering Disney now owns both 'Star Wars' and Marvel.

Check out the video for the full insanity, all while Amy Poehler yells at him from off-screen about Tony Stark and the extras somehow manage to sit there stone-faced.

This tweet from the AV Club sums it up best: