Seems that Sean Combs -- or P. Diddy, assuming he hasn't changed it again as of this writing -- and the erstwhile Marky Mark, Mark Wahlberg, have struck up a bromance. Over water.

Watch out, George Clooney and Brad Pitt. It looks like Hollywood’s got itself a new love match. And some glamorous, possibly over-hyped hydration.

WahlDiddy (fine, YOU try to mash up their names) announced that they would be the new faces of AQUAhydrate water in a big press conference on Wednesday that the guys then publicized on their respective Twitter accounts.

The most striking news to come from this announcement was the clear bromance that has sprung up between the two, because Diddy seems completely enamored with Wahlberg. And let’s face it, water isn’t that interesting, so that part kind of bored us.

“Chemistry is everything in a relationship," Diddy swooned. "And this man inspires me to be a better person. He’s somebody that I can honestly say that I look up to.”

Hey, we get it. We were teenage girls once. We remember the '90s. Wahlberg’s a cutie and he’s still pretty ripped. We feel it, feel it.

The Wahlberg half of this new couple seems to know what's going on. He said in the press video above that Combs had stalked him regularly until the two became partners, which sounds like the beautiful beginnings of a bromance to us.

Raise your glasses of super-hydrating AQUAhydrate water to the new hotness that is WahlDiddy. And then try not to think about it too hard. It was weird enough picturing Wahlberg in a bromance with a stuffed bear.

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