The Oscars are this Sunday -- are you ready? And by ready we mean do you have your cheap champagne and comfiest pajamas? If you need a little help getting into the whole thing, we've got some great GIFs from this year's nominees to get you started.

'Zero Dark Thirty' -- Best Picture; Best Actress, Jessica Chastain

Here's what you need to know: she's a bad-ass and she says things like "I'm the motherf---er who found that place." And then she helps a bunch of sexy soldiers kill Osama bin Laden. AMERICA!


'Silver Linings Playbook' -- Best Picture; Best Actor, Bradley Cooper; Best Actress, Jennifer Lawrence; Best Director, David O. Russell

Ugh, these two are too cute together.


'Beasts of the Southern Wild' -- Best Picture; Best Actress, Quvenzhane Wallis; Best Director, Benh Zeitlin

You have never seen anything in your life as adorable as Hushpuppy. Seriously.


'Flight' -- Best Picture; Best Actor, Denzel Washington

There are like, no GIFs of this because no one wants GIFs of an alcoholic airplane pilot. Feel free to go take a shot of tequila and make a video of yourself playing with an airplane and you've got the same thing.


'Argo' -- Best Picture; Alan Arkin, Best Supporting Actor

It's so hard to find GIFs from this movie that don't say "Argo f--- yourself!" so deal with the only set I could find that was reasonable. At least you can see Ben Affleck's cute beard face.


'Life of Pi' -- Best Picture; Best Director, Ang Lee

This movie is really pretty and has a tiger and a whale goes to an ocean rave, okay. Also it's probably the only time you'll feel like you'd be okay with a person dying as long as the tiger gets to live, even though he eats everything.


'Amour' -- Best Picture; Best Actress, Emmanuelle Riva; Best Director, Michael Haneke

There are no GIFs from 'Amour' because no one wants to watch an old woman die slowly over and over again. But here's a GIF of a pigeon because it's important in the movie -- no, really, I swear. You'll think you're having a stroke every time you see a pigeon after watching this movie, seriously.


'Lincoln' -- Best Picture; Best Actor, Daniel Day-Lewis; Best Supporting Actress, Sally Field; Best Director, Steven Spielberg

Lincoln frees the slaves and Sally Field plays his bonkers wife, but it's okay because she's super self-deprecating about it and that never gets annoying. Unfortunately, grumpy Tommy Lee Jones' wig was not nominated for anything.


'Django Unchained' -- Best Picture; Best Supporting Actor, Christoph Waltz

This movie is way too bad-ass for the Oscars.


'The Master' -- Best Actor, Joaquin Phoenix; Best Supporting Actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman; Best Supporting Actress, Amy Adams

This movie is just incredible.


'Les Miserables' -- Best Picture; Best Actor, Hugh Jackman; Best Supporting Actress, Anne Hathaway

Look, this is the best and only important part of the whole movie and you know it:


Best Animated Film Nominees: 'Wreck-It Ralph,' 'Frankenweenie,' 'Brave' and 'Paranorman'

Just enjoy how cute everything is from here on out, guys.