That question in the title could be a question in some sort of sadistic ice-breaker game -- to which our answer would be "pass out cold" -- but it was actually something 10 people had to think about in New York on Sunday when they really did get trapped in an elevator with Mila Kunis. (Tell-all books should be out soon.)

The gorgeous starlet is usually trying to stay out of open spaces to avoid her numerous wacko stalkers, but this weekend she was wishing for an open space after the elevator in a West Village building jammed while she, a friend and nine random strangers were in it.

The actress and her pal reportedly remained calm during the ordeal and everyone was freed by firefighters about 45 minutes after their impromptu imprisonment.

Apparently it “became very hot in there,” which we’re sure is because everyone was thinking, “Holy jammed lifts, Batman, I’m stuck in here with Mila Kunis and I’m totally in love with her and I don’t know what to do! Hamana-hamana-hamana-hamana!” Of course, lovely Mila was probably cool as a cucumber.

By the way, if you’re hoping for your own shot at some close personal-space time with Mila, head to the Big Apple. She’s there for the time being filming ‘The Angriest Man in Brooklyn’ with Robin Williams, and since a lot of the buildings are rather old, there are probably quite a few elevators on the fritz.

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