Lady Gaga really wants 'Applause' to top the charts -- and so do her Little Monsters. When Mother Monster offered a chance to meet her to the fan who showed the most proof of purchasing copies of her comeback single, some devotees took it way too far.

Lady Gaga offered fans a shot at hanging out with her at the iTunes Festival if they showed the most proofs of purchase of 'Applause' downloads. The more purchases, the better the chance:

Seems innocuous enough, right?

That is, until you realize some of the measures her Little Monsters are taking to gain the purchases. Some Lady Gaga fans took to Craigslist to offer oral sex in exchange for 'Applause' downloads.

The Hollywood Gossip nabbed screenshots of Gaga fans' offers for sexual favors in exchange for downloads, and it's pretty graphic, pretty gross and pretty ridiculous.

Another post on the site offers explicit services to make the recipient clap (and possibly give them the clap).

Blogger Perez Hilton suggested that Gaga's longtime musical partner DJ White Shadow was behind the post, but has since deleted that tweet (but screenshots are forever, Perezito!).

Gaga has yet to comment on the controversy, but we bet she's applauding the efforts nonetheless.

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