In case you were invited to Kylie Jenner's Sweet 16 and opted out of going, you not only missed performances by Drake and Big Sean, you also missed out on a grand's worth of swag.

The youngest 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' starlet had a star-studded 'Alice in Wonderland'-themed bash for her big 1-6, complete with sets by Drizzy and Sean as well as really expensive party favors for her guests, which included sisters Kendall and Kourtney -- all dressed in black and white. Cute!

Jenner's gift bags included 808 headphones, Kardashian brand makeup (of course), iPod speakers, gift cards, jewelry from her own line, socks, miscellaneous beauty products and more. And each bag was worth a whopping $1,000. With 150 guests at her shindig, that's $150,000 in party favors -- more than a lot of people spend on an entire house.

Jenner may have given sweet gift bags to pals, but she also received some pretty sweet gifts in return. Her favorite present? Her brand new Mercedes. Must be nice!