Kim Kardashian had her baby exactly two months ago today, at which time she immediately went into an unprecedented period of seclusion. She reportedly wanted to keep herself hidden away until she lost her pregnancy weight, but yesterday she wandered out in public -- and there are photos to prove it.

Kim, baby daddy Kanye West and a nanny were spotted at a Los Angeles-area medical facility with infant daughter North in tow.

TMZ has the photos that were taken by an unnamed paparazzo, who must have been well-hidden -- normally we'd think Kim set this whole thing up (she's been known to do that) but because she doesn't have on a face full of makeup and Kanye is smiling in some of the shots, we have to assume at least he didn't know the pap was there.

The baby had a blanket over the carrier, and Kim was dressed in big, baggy clothes that concealed any weight she's lost thus far. (She and Kanye may have decided not to sell little North West's first pictures, but it's a safe bet that Kim will make some jack on a post-baby bikini shoot or something.)

The good news is everyone looks happy and healthy.

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