If you open the door on Halloween night to find a nearly naked 31-year-old woman dressed as a cat, don't slam the door in her face. It just might be Kim Kardashian. (Of course maybe that alone is reason enough for door-slammage.)

Seems our favorite little famewhore has been costume shopping, so on Saturday she tweeted "Rawwwr!!!" and included this photo of herself dressed as a member of Josie and the Pornographic Pussycats.

Last we heard, boyfriend Kanye West had cleaned out her closet and replaced her trampy clothes in favor of things far more subdued and stylish, but apparently he forgot she still has her own money, an incredible lack of good judgment and the need to flash unsuspecting members of the public.

Then again, it's not like everyone hasn't seen the goods already. So maybe Yeezy will just point proudly and say, "Yeah, I'm hittin' dat."