Miley Cyrus says she listens to "urban" and "hood" music, which apparently gives her, in her own mind, some sort of pass to appropriate black culture.

That doesn't sit well with everyone. Influential blogger and podcaster Kid Fury tore into Cyrus on Twitter, saying what a lot of other people seem to have been thinking for a while. (Especially after her 'We Can't Stop' songwriters said, "She was like, 'I want urban. I just want something that just feels black.'")

Cyrus ignited Fury's fury with a tweet addressing the whole "Hey, Miley? You're rich and white" thing.

Fury promptly went in:

He added, "I'm quite certain I said 'f--- outta here,' sis. @MileyCyrus." He continued:

Shortly thereafter, Cyrus posted a lyric from 'We Can't Stop,' a song originally intended for Rihanna:

miley-cyrus-mouth its my mouth i can say what i want to

Cyrus has received quite a bit of criticism for her recent, somewhat sudden transformation from a top-knot sporting, hippie-chic Pilates enthusiast to a grill-wearing, twerking hip-hop hook girl -- but never so much and so strong and so simultaneous as this.

Fury's anger got the Twitter community riled up about Cyrus' antics, with replies like these:

"Oh hey @mileycyrus! This is your daily reminder that you are, in fact, a white girl. Not a black one. Sad for you, I know," "The gag is all these black producers are working w/ you to prove they can have a "mainstream" hit. Not b/c you are talented @MileyCyrus," and "#WhitePrivileges @MileyCyrus getting offended being called white after blatant cultural appropriation and using black women as accessories."

As for whether Cyrus fully understands the implications of adopting black culture remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: Not everyone is buying it. She probably just hopes that people will buy the new single that she pimped out in the video above after everyone railed on her.

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