Reality star Khloe Kardashian now has a new skill to add to her resume: nippliest co-host on the 'X Factor.'

In her first appearance on the show, the Kardashian who doesn't look like the other Kardashians took to the stage braless in a sheer top, seemingly unaware or unconcerned that no one was talking to her face. But she's probably used to that.

Judge Simon Cowell pointed out her, uh, "attentive state" during the opening banter, commenting, “I think the air conditioning is on high ... It's very distracting.”

Family friendly nip-slips: the best way to make a television debut away from one's media glutton family. We sense some subterfuge here.

A grown woman should know to wear a bra under a see-through top, especially when she's on network television during prime-time, but hey, this is a Kardashian we're talking about here. And it's not the first spotlight held by Khloe's nips -- in June of last year they made their debut for a full six minutes on 'Fox and Friends.'

Tired of living undercover for so long now, they came out again on Wednesday night, this time to thankfully drew attention away from Khloe's mouth and its incredibly awkward attempts at small talk with the contestants. Because it was really best to ignore that.

Call it the Kardashian version of the Jedi mind trick.

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