Kelly Osbourne's black diamond Emmys manicure was worth a whopping $250,000. In other words, she had the cost of a pretty nice house in most areas on her fingertips.

And while she didn't pay for it out of her own pocket, she did she pay for it in flesh -- because she took such a public beating for the frivolous extravagance that she's now issued a public apology for it.

You can read her stream of tweets yourself, but her two key points are below.

She tries to justify the polish (made by Azature of crushed black diamonds), but whatever. Wasting diamonds and bragging about it is poor form, but even worse is the fact that the mani looked sloppy and wasn't unlike any other sparkly black polish that you can pick up at a drugstore for 99 cents.

Textured nails are definitely huge this season, with velour and caviar manis seen on runways. Osbourne's mani should have been flawless, but instead it looks like she got cat hair stuck in wet lacquer.

We just wanna be there when she takes it off. It'll be the only polish-stained cotton ball in history worth a small fortune.

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