Katy Perry proved to be too much for John Mayer, who couldn't deliver the level of commitment the candy-coated, whipped cream shooting starlet needed.

Sources close to the pair said their breakup was a long time coming, and that nothing was as rosy as it seemed.

The couple were already dealing with scheduling issues: Perry's hard at work on her followup to 'Teenage Dream' and Mayer is about to embark on his first tour since his semi-traumatic throat surgery. Add bickering to the mix, and the outlook was bleak.

Sources close to Mayer told Us Weekly that the pair had been fighting recently, and that Mayer was overwhelmed by Perry's desire for a more serious commitment.

Indeed, Perry seemed pretty bummed about the split, tweeting a link to the song 'I Was Gonna Marry You' to her 33 million-plus followers only days after the breakup news broke.

Whether or not that was a confirmation that the hideous ring Perry rocked post-Valentine's Day was an engagement band is up for debate, but it did appear that Mayer was, at least for a little while, happy to settle down.

"Introducing her to his dad was a big deal," a Mayer pal said, with another adding, "It was just too much, too soon."

Still, there's a shot they may reunite.

"They've broken up before so it's hard to tell," a source revealed. "She's changed a lot since she's been with him ... she has been in love."

Unfortunately, one thing Perry apparently hasn't changed is her determination to change the men she dates, going from a failed attempt at taming lothario Russell Brand to admitted "jerk" Mayer. Maybe she should just change her taste in men.

As long as she's not fugging it up like in the photo above, she shouldn't have a problem finding an upgrade.

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