Remember when Kanye West encouraged Kim Kardashian to record a single? And how that turned out?

He's now encouraging Will Smith to start rapping again. While that would certainly yield better results, do we really need to relive 'Big Willie Style'?

In a recent press conference for his upcoming flick 'After Earth' with son Jaden -- who also likes to spit rhymes -- Smith revealed that West is working with him in the studio. Praise Yeezus!

"I've been messing around with Kanye," Smith said (quotes via Billboard). "We went in the studio a couple times, so I might get the bug. I'm not going to do it unless I'm truly inspired, but Ye's been pushing me a little bit."

The good news is it couldn't possibly be any worse than Kardashian's 2011 single 'Jam (Turn It Up).' If you missed that, here's a reminder of what Kanye's encouragement has previously helped visit upon the world:

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