Clinging desperately to the remnants of what was once her almost being relevant, Milyn (Mimi) Jensen is gushing about her alleged fling with Justin Bieber.

In a trailer for the next season of 'Bad Girls Club,' Jensen and her pals cavort around Miami, getting drunk and making a lot of noise but not a lot of sense. In one scene, Jensen opens up about hooking up with Bieber.

Interestingly, she complains about the media coverage of her rumored dalliance with the 'Beauty and a Beat' singer, but she's complaining about it on a reality show. Have a seat, ma'am.

"There's like, hella s--- in the media about like, me and Justin Bieber," she says, showcasing her endless eloquence. "They're like, 'Oh, his black girlfriend.' First of all, I'm mixed!"

Mixed and uh, mixed up, because a jumpoff does not a girlfriend make. At best, this chick was Biebs' sidepiece while he was possibly still dating Selena Gomez.

Fun details about their alleged romp: she said Bieber was "very romantic." So romantic, in fact, that he took her to McDonald's and refused to kiss her on the mouth.

At least he is, as he sang in 'One Less Lonely Girl,' showing her what she's worth.