Remember a few months ago when Jessica Simpson was pregnant and she did the thing that celebrity women are never ever supposed to do and got kinda, how can we put this, well … fat?

You don’t want to say it, but you were thinking it too. We know. She was.

But not anymore.

The happy mother of Maxwell Drew, who was born on May 1, is no longer doing her best impression of a bloated manatee. Today on Katie Couric’s inaugural show, Jessica revealed her new, or rather, retro, smaller figure. After embarking on a Weight Watchers “lifestyle,” Simpson is down 40 pounds with only 10 to go before she hits that magic, mythical pre-baby weight all women shoot for.

She said she was as shocked as we were that she got so big, telling Couric, “My doctors told me [my pregnancy weight] was a lot of water, and when my water broke … all the water did not come out with the baby.”

Because of this tragic non-deflation, Simpson said she has had to stay focused on her diet. But she’s changing her life and her attitude toward food, rather than forcing herself to suffer through yet another a “yo-yo” diet, which means actual fish instead of fish sticks. (No, really. She said that.)

We’re happy for the healthy and beaming new mom and glad that she now looks like she’s had a baby and not that she's eaten one. We’re also looking forward to a new season of ‘Fashion Star,’ which Simpson also promoted on Couric’s show. And by “looking forward” we mean “feel like it’s the dead weight she should have lost first.”

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