Today (July 30) in the world of Twitter, celebrities asked for favors, gave advice -- to us and each other -- and got lost in the wilderness, never to be seen again. Unless someone can figure out Russell Crowe's whereabouts and get him a helicopter, that is.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson taught Anna Kendrick how to be a judge on 'So You Think You Can Dance.'

The word of the day has been brought to you by Ice-T.

Russell Simmons wants Nicki Minaj to know that he's waiting.

Ellen DeGeneres showed off her punning.

Help Kristen Bell out by giving her some cat urine.

Breaking news!
Paris Hilton can videotape herself and walk at the same time!

Hugh Jackman is and forever will be Wolverine because holy moly.

Here's some advice from RuPaul that not everyone wants to follow.

Russell Crowe is lost and needs to get back to civilization.

If you ask nicely and you're Gillian Jacobs, Edgar Wright will steal a body part for you.

Leonard Nimoy can't go anywhere without people reminding him to live long and prosper.

James Deen made a new best friend on the plane.

And that's the story of how Misha Collins had to change his phone number.

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