When they were shooting their rather unreal reality show ‘Jersey Shore’ in Seaside Heights, N.J., the cast never seemed too concerned with the condition of their home-away-from-home. They were always getting stupid drunk and making fools of themselves while making a complete mess of wherever they happened to be.

And even though they seemed like human versions of cyclones themselves, they want to help with the Hurricane Sandy clean-up efforts on the destroyed Jersey shore.

Shortly after the rains came, power went out and buildings were destroyed, the ‘Jersey Shore’ clan issued a statement and then started tweeting about how they were going to help rebuild their former Jersey playplace.

Vinnie also promises in the video above that the cast will “come together to rebuild” Seaside Heights, and even MTV is feeling the love for the shore they filmed during the destruction of a different kind of storm.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by the hurricane, especially our friends and business owners in Seaside Heights, New Jersey who are now part of the MTV family,” the network said, adding that it is “actively exploring ways to best help with the recovery efforts, and in the meantime we are encouraging everyone to donate to the American Red Cross’s disaster relief efforts.”

If you’re keeping score, Sandy didn't manage to do as much damage to the original ‘Jersey Shore’ house as the cast did during the show's run. It’s still standing. Maybe Sandy was just afraid of what she might catch if she touched it.