Jersey Shore

'Restore the Shore'
  For years we turned to MTV to watch the cast members of ‘Jersey Shore’ get tanked and destroy the businesses, beachside, and rental properties of the New Jersey coastline. Now that Hurricane Sandy schooled them on how it’s really done, the network wants to help put it all back together again for future generations to destroy. Starting at 11 p.m. (Eastern) on Thursday night, MTV's 'Restore the Sh
Hide the Tequila
Those humanitarians on the cast of the 'Jersey Shore' are known for saving the world one drunk and disorderly at a time, but when Hurricane Sandy struck and destroyed much of the East Coast -- including their beloved Seaside Heights -- the gang put aside their GTL routine to actually do something philanthropic. (They'll know what that means once they look it up.)
‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Vows to Help Rebuild Seaside Heights [VIDEO]
When they were shooting their rather unreal reality show ‘Jersey Shore’ in Seaside Heights, N.J., the cast never seemed too concerned with the condition of their home-away-from-home. They were always getting stupid drunk and making fools of themselves while making a complete mess of wherever they happened to be. And even though they seemed like human versions of cyclones themselves, they want to h