This year Janet Jackson finally joined the billionaires club -- and if you think it's only because her new husband, retail mogul Wissam Al Mana, is stupid rich, think again.

Janet earned her own billion thanks to a string of successful albums, tours, and the occasional (cringe-worthy) acting role.

Variety reports (via ETOnline) that Janet's earned $260 million from record sales -- hit albums like 'Control' and 'Rhythm Nation 1814' helped that along -- and netted a cool $81 million in publishing fees.

Her tours and tour sponsorships have raked in $540 million, while films like 'The Klumps,' 'Poetic Justice,' and 'For Colored Girls' have garnered her an inexplicable $304 million. (Very few full-time, A-list actresses have earned that much from their roles, so we can only assume Janet got a piece of the profit sharing.)

Tally it all up and it means Janet is now richer than Madonna, who was mistakenly reported to have joined the billionaires club a few months back.

The lesson? It pays to show your nips on live television. (And work hard. Yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.)

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