Plastic surgery victim Heidi Montag and her equally famewhorish husband Spencer Pratt have re-entered the reality show circuit, this time to appear on the UK's 'Celebrity Big Brother.' Also known as "where D-list celebrities go to solidify the end of their careers."

Sticking with their theme of co-dependence (three marriages?! THREE!), Speidi will be competing as a “single entity” against the 10 other housemates.

The former stars of MTV's 'The Hills' were lambasted by the audience throughout their introduction, despite being referred to by host Brian Dowling as “reality TV royalty” and Spencer saying he once felt like he and Heidi were the “most famous people in the world.” Sadly, neither party was being sarcastic.

"I love myself. Very much so,” Spencer added for good measure, as the crowd lobbed imaginary rotten tomatoes at him.

When asked how he felt about being thrown into the stranger-filled house for a paycheck and a chance to reinsert himself in the public eye, he confessed, “It's going to be horrifying. I really don't like people." Which is cool because the feeling seems to be mutual.

Heidi had an equally high opinion of herself, saying that her oft-mocked lip-syncing during the 2009 Miss Universe pageant was "one of the biggest performances in the history of television." (So was Britney Spears' disastrous VMA performance, honey, but you don't see her bragging about it.)

High up on Heidi's list of important things in this world: nature, the mountains and “looking pretty.” Probably not in that order.

Gee, we just can't imagine why they're so unpopular.

The upside to all this is that the couple has been relegated to live in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house's basement and are not allowed to keep their own clothes or furniture or use the shower. However, they were allowed to retain the 59 toothbrushes they packed (no, seriously).

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