If you've been on the internet for maybe eight minutes, you've no doubt seen the 'Evolution of Dance,' a pretty brilliant routine from a dude named Judson Laipply that went viral years ago and has since racked up 210 million YouTube views. (Go watch it. We'll wait.)

On Friday night, Feb. 22, First Lady Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon gave it their own twist by doing the 'Evolution of Mom Dancing.' And it was truly a sight to behold.

First off, we have Jimmy in drag, looking like he'd fit right in at any suburban PTA meeting. And then there's our gorgeous FLOTUS with her rockin' bangs and wicked sense of humor. So that's two wins right there.

Together they work their way through the moves every teenager on the planet has bemoaned when their mothers try to bust a move -- the "Go Shopping, Get Groceries" dance, the "Just The Hands Part of Single Ladies" dance, the "Oh My God, I Love This Song" dance, of course the "Driving the Station Wagon" dance.

Fallon keeps up with the ultra-fit First Lady until it comes time to do the "Dougie," at which point he gives up and lets her have the stage.

Afterwards, she told him, "That was so much fun ... You're a beautiful mom. Pretty hot."

Another bullet point for his resume.

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