Gwyneth Paltrow is an overprotective mom, overexpensive chef and adorably self unaware pariah of celebrity pretension and paranoia.

That makes the fact that she's shilling string bikinis for little kids a bit more shocking than if, say, Roman Polanski were to do the same on an overpriced lifestyle site of his own.

Children's and women's health and psychology experts are a bit peeved at Paltrow for featuring "overly sexualized" swimwear for little girls on GOOP.

Eating disorder and cognitive behavioral specialist Dr. Carol Fishbein, PhD., griped to Radar Online, “These kinds of bathing suits promote low self-esteem, negative body image and eating disorders, because of the focus on the appearance of a young girl and keeping her restricted from being able to run around and enjoy the health and power of her own body through running and splashing in the water, jumping, doing somersaults and headstands."

She added, “We are sexualizing young, innocent children, before they will know how to protect themselves or be fully aware of what could be happening to them. With verbal comments, lewd looks or even worse.”

Somehow we doubt Paltrow sold the skimpy two-piece with pedophilia or child trafficking in mind. Those just don't sound elegant enough for her taste. Maybe -- God forbid -- she just thought it was cute.

But dude, $45 for a kids' bathing suit that they'll probably pee in? That's more offensive and immoral than any implications it sends to creeps.

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