While the world mourns Cory Monteith, 'Glee' fans will also mourn the loss of his character, Finn, on the hit Fox series.

Seeing as Finn was a key player in 'Glee' plotlines, what's going to happen to the show in light of Monteith's untimely passing?

The writers are working on just that.

TMZ reports that the 'Glee' team had an emergency writers' meeting to try to salvage the show in light of losing one of its main characters without warning.

An insider, who sounded a lot like a Fox PR mouthpiece, told the site, "The producers and writers are taking time to meet and figure out how to best address this situation in the context of 'Glee.' No decision has been reached about a script yet, as it’s still early."

The show is expected to pay tribute to Monteith in some way, though details are still being worked out -- and no, it won't be cancelled because of his death.

Sources explained, "'Glee' is definitely not canceled. If you look at the dollars and cents of the show and that it was very much an ensemble with new kids being added last year when some graduated. It's clear that the show wasn't about one character."

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