Gia Allemand's mother opened up about her daughter's suicide on 'Dr. Phil' yesterday (Sept. 10) on World Suicide Prevention Day (as previously reported), and the reason she named for her daughter's death is a surprising one. Donna Micheletti says PMS was the reason her daughter took her own life.

Allemand's mother told Dr. Phil that her daughter would often get depressed around the time of her period, like many women do, and that she believes this is what convinced her daughter to kill herself.

As she explained to the good doctor, "At that point, that day, with how she felt with her menstrual cycle, she could not see clearly. And I knew that's happened to her ... Like night and day. It would come out of nowhere. All of a sudden, something would click in there and she would say, 'This isn't right. He doesn't love me. He's not this. He's not that.'"

She also went on to say Allemand was putting her own daddy issues onto the men she dated, seeing problems that weren't necessarily there.

In the clip below, and emotional Micheletti talks about the realization that her daughter was going to take her own life. She was on the phone at the time her daughter hanged herself.

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